Sunday, November 15, 2009

Salts' Girls Night Out w/ Praise and Coffee

Praise and Coffee
November 6th 2009
God Blessed Us with some Awesome Praise and Worship Videos and We had wonderful conversations about Being God Centered and Christ Minded: Are they the same or are they different. Cherry commented she thinks about Gods' Heart when thinks about being Christ Centered., because the Heart is in the center of our being.

I discovered with this group of ladies there is a difference between being God Centered and Christ Minded, one has to with how he thinks the other has to do with what he loves his (emotions), love is a feeling. Think about that, how many times have you taken the time think about the difference between how GOD thinks ( relates) to something versus how GOD feels about it. How about yourself can think and feel differently about the same subject? Let us see, what about me? HMMMM,

~Rain~ What do I think about Rain: It think that it is needed for plants to grow and for washing diseases away.
~Rain~ Feelings ~ I hate traveling in the rain and I hate getting rained on. So yes you can have different thought and feelings on the same subject.

Some other subjects we discussed: Discipleship, Leadership Frustrations with lackadaisical church members.

~Ryan~ Thanks so much for that awesome Pear Cake~