Sunday, August 22, 2010

This past Friday I was blessed to Shut IN with some very special ladies. Ladies willing to let God use their gifts,their hearts and their experiences with God. As we where praying and worshiping our way through the night one of the Ladies came up to give her testimony. Her testimony was one of a past of drug use, prostitution and low self-esteem. She had sank so low she found her self behind bars. This would be her time to discover truth! The truth that she was created for a purpose. That there was purpose behind her pain and that she was loved. Her story of recovery continues. As she brought her testimony to an end I could feel the tears welling up inside myself. My spirit was witness with hers.

I had also spent a season of my life giving myself away to men for a love I could not find and for NO MONEY. I too once used drugs. I too was not fit to raise my children even though I was saved from that disgrace. This was a new experience for me. This was the first time, as tears flowed down my face, that I publicly admitted to what I had been saved from! I had written it down but never had the courage to speak it out loud! Finally the shame and worrying about what others might think or say was gone!

One of ladies thanked us for our willingness to share, she said we where RENOVATED WOMEN! I like the sound of that! I have been RENOVATED by a Savior that has at all points been tempted as I have been. I am Saved by a Savior that knew what I WOULD DO before I did it and chose me anyway! Is there anything that needs to be RENOVATED in your Life?

As the evening continued on till the morning we all witnessed the power of the HOLY SPIRIT! We experienced a Night with the King! We where encouraged to have a fighting faith that takes it by force! And we where asked, "What is that one thing you have been waiting for God to do because He is here!"

For me, I had been asking for a wall to fall down that was preventing me from ministering as effective as I could. I believe my prayer was answered. I had been asking for direction, I believe direction was given! God is up to something!

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