Thursday, May 27, 2010

Blog Makeover!

SALT is getting a makeover thanks to MaryJoHess!!

It is my heart that this blog resounds the vision God gave me 4 years ago straight from 2 Kings. The look and feel will reflect this vision as well as our lives as women, wives, moms, daughters, sisters, and friends.

Healing the hearts of women is our desire. We want to be used as Salt by God through our testimonies and walks. We are His vessels and have received His salt in many ways for many years . It is now time to pour out!

Leanne and I are excited about introducing two new additions to our team. Our desire is to bring a diverse perspective to your life by opening our own before you in the most transparent way possible while hitting the taboo and tough issues we face today.

We will also feature other writers who's blogs have touched our hearts and ministered to us in deep and profound ways!

We are women and as such we no longer have to walk in pain, un-forgiveness, bitterness, or as a victim. We are the King's Daughters and by Jesus' stripes we are healed!

Stay tuned for more to come!!

Until then, check out Mary Hess! She is one FAB designer... :o)

Cherie, Leanne and the Salt team.


  1. Mary said...
    Awwww. . .. thanks Cherie. :)
    It's an honor to help create a look that will reflect this new season for SALT and it's contributors.

    God's up to some crazy, good things! Woot! Woot!
    Cherie said...
    Yes he is, Mary! I'm so excited to have you on this ride with me! :o)


    Meghan said...
    Thanks for joining in iFellowship. We hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.


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